Conservation Tips

Tips for Preserving Halloween Costumes

  1. Be sure to read the tags and packaging of purchased Halloween costumes prior to choosing a washing method.
  2. Avoid bleaching costumes that are not white in addition to researching the best spot cleaners for the type of fabric and material used within the costume.
  3. Washing a costume by hand may require a bit more effort in addition to special cleaners depending on whether the costume includes leather, feathers, spandex, and potential accessories.
  4. Having your Halloween costume dry-cleaned by professionals helps to preserve the fabric and material the costumes are made out.
  5. Ironing a Halloween costume after use and after it has been properly cleaned is a way to ensure the costume is in its original condition prior to hanging it up or putting it away in storage.
  6. Checking package instructions prior to using a wrinkle remover or ironing the costume.
  7. Once your Halloween costume has been properly cleaned to its original form, storing it in a sealed garment bag prevents wrinkling and other wear and tear over time.


Tips for Preserving CDs

  1. Handle discs by the outer edge or the center hole
  2. Clean discs by wiping a clean lint-free cloth in a straight line from the center of the disc toward the outer edge
  3. Return discs to their cases immediately after use
  4. Leave discs in their jewel case to minimize the effects of environmental changes
  5. Use deionized (best), distilled, or soft tap water to clean your discs. For tough problems use diluted dish detergent or rubbing alcohol. Rinse and dry thoroughly with a lint-free cloth
  6. Check the disc surface before playing it
  7. Store in a cool, dry, dark environment
  8. Disks not being used should be stored upright in a dust proof container.


Tips for Preserving Books

  1. Having clean hands and a clean area to use the book
  2. Keeping food and drink away
  3. Use a thin piece of paper or a length of ribbon as a bookmark
  4. Use plastic paper clips rather than metal to prevent leaving a mark on the page when used; it can also tear and distort the paper.
  5. Proper storage or packing away your books significantly prolongs the life and usability.
  6. Turn the pages gently
  7. Avoid writing or scribbling on pages
  8. Not forcing a book to lie open to 180 degrees; Face-up copying is safest, using either a hand-held camera or a face-up copier.
  9. Prevent direct or intense light
  10. Regular dusting