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Books and a Better Way to Make a Difference

By J. Henry

I like to call it a “MySouSou moment,” a moment when you can see the potential of people to improve society. Coincidentally, my “MySouSou moment” has to do with books. Books are one of the first products that MySouSou has chosen to promote. This is no accident. Education is one of the major factors in future success. A well-educated society is a competitive society. Books are the primary tool in the education process. MySouSou chose books because they matter.

But back to the MySouSou moment. It was around Christmas. A friend asked me to take part in a book drive for orphans and at-risk youth. So I sent a group email to everyone in my office asking them to contribute either books or money. Then I waited. After a week only two people even responded to the email. By the deadline maybe five people had expressed interest but no one had followed through.

It appeared my book drive was a bust. So, not too happy, I told a colleague.

“Did you go around to them?” She asked. I hadn’t.

“I’ll be back.” She said. Ten minutes later she came back with almost $700 and a handful of books. “All you had to do was go to them.” She said.

That was the moment. That was the lesson. People are willing to make a difference. They are willing to commit resources to helping others. But you have to make it easier for them. Words like “conservation” sound good. Most of us understand the importance and benefit of conservation. But how do you translate that into action? How do busy people with jobs and families and very immediate responsibilities find the time to turn that urge for conservation into reality?

This is one of the reasons MySouSou is so exciting. MySouSou makes it easier for them. Not only do they make it easier, they make it add value for sellers and buyers. It’s a powerful model, and as my MySouSou moment taught me, the difference between the success and failure of socially responsible activities is the strength of their model.