About Us

In almost every home throughout T&T we have unused, valuable items taking up space and gathering dust. There is an untapped market for those items. But who has the time to go through the process of listing items on or offline, answering all the questions and meeting with potential customers that might pose a safety risk?

MySouSou takes the effort out of selling and reaches a wider audience through both our easy to navigate website and conveniently located store. This online and storefront presence allows shoppers to enjoy greater access to these valuable items at a price they can afford, without having to deal with a bunch of sellers they don’t know or trust.

The MySouSou model is also great for T&T. By selling/buying pre-owned items citizens can do their part for conservation by lowering waste. And in these rough economic times not only does MySouSou give people a chance to earn an extra dollar from their pre-owned items and save money buying pre-owned, it is creating a culture of recognising value. Just because you don’t need it doesn’t mean someone else doesn’t want it. You don’t have to be in business to do business. You just have to have something worth selling.